A downloadable game for Windows

Useless gladiators beat each other with each other

Fight With Me is a 2 vs 2 co-op arena couch game where you have to merge with your teammate to attack the enemy! Three lives, best out of five wins!

Pick between three characters, where each combination has a different ability you can use!

Game made by Team Spacebar
Team Spacebar is a group of five second year student from Nord University in Norway studying Games and Entertainment Technology. 

Team Lead - Kine Rammen Olsen
Lead Programmer - Bendik Johansen
Lead 2D Artist - Kine Rammen Olsen
Lead Modeler - Ola Øren
Lead Sound Artist - Teresa Johnsen
Lead Animator - Aleksander Helland


ItchBuild.zip 100 MB


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So good


Awesome game